What do our customers have to say?

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"It's great to find a shovel made in the USA. Thanks for making American-made products. I will buy them as often as possible!" - Billy, Virginia

"Amazing tool! Superb workmanship! Highest quality!" - Robert, Maryland

"This tool is excellent! I gave this as a present to an elderly cousin of mine who lives in Washington State. The item was beyond my cousin's expectations! I thank you wholeheartedly!" - Robert, New York

"This item is great! I was gardening when it was delivered and used it right out of the box." - Janelle, Washington, D.C.

"It was nice to finally buy something made in America." - Eileen, New York

"This Lawn Bully is much better than others. The smaller diameter cores are just the right size to penetrate hard compacted soil and the side vents prevent clogging." - Donald

"I love my weeder, it really works well! You should see my yard now.
those crab grasses have no chance against the Weed Bully!!!" - Jeffrey, Ohio

"Very pleased with the product. It was very sturdy and of high quality." - Dolores, Wisconsin

"The heavy duty Ice Bully weighs about three to four pounds and has a wide blade that chops through ice easily. It can then be used to scrape it away and completely clear the icy area. It is much better than earlier models with wooden handles and thinner blades." - Jerry, Delaware

"The steardy construction of the Japanese Hoe assures that this item isn't going to break anytime soon. The design works very well in both hands though I think it's specifically right handed. It's a solid tool that gets the job done." - Jeffrey

"What's not to like about the ProShingle (except the job itself)? It's rock solid, has a long enough handle, and does the low-tech job it's supposed to do very well. I've used this on a dozen small cabin roofs and I'm about to buy another one." - C.D., Minnesota

"The Root Soaker is a good product especially in our drought stricken times. I used it to water trees, shrubs and plants and was able to get at least a foot down... my soil is particularly bad with lots of rocks/ boulders. Definitly a good purchase... especially for the price!" - Christopher

"The Lawn Bully worked out great. With the hard soil in LA, I had to water the lawn the day before to soften it up. But it worked great after that. Lawn looks great as a result of aerating and fertilizer." - Brian, California

"We've owned these garden spades for two years and use them daily in landscaping. Not only does it have the thickest blade I've found, the handle is actually wood filled which makes it the toughest spade available....my workers haven't been able to bust one yet. And you can't go wrong with American made!" - Liz, West Virginia


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