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Bully Tools is a manufacturer of exclusively 100% American Made tools. Our 200+ product list of long handled tools consists of garden tools, farm tools, shingle removers, floor scrapers, forestry and other specialty tools.

We operate our own manufacturing facilities in Steubenville, Ohio. Our capabilities include engineering, tooling, metal fabrication, stamping, forming, robotic welding, plasma cutting, heat treating, tempering, powder coating, assembly and packaging.

Quality in-house manufacturing ensures that you will purchase a tool that will stand up to tough jobs and give you many years of service.

Our commitment to producing domestically directly impacts our region and our country by keeping you, your family and friends working. Your commitment to purchasing American made products will help keep America growing strong for many generations.


BullyTools invited to The White House

President Trump's committment to Made In America puts Bully Tools front and center with an invitation to the White House.

Mark Gracy, President

David Carroll, Plant Operations Manager



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Thank you for viewing our website and considering American made tools by Bully Tools!

We hope you enjoy the products you purchase and gain pride by knowing that your patriotic spending is a solid commitment to keeping the American spirit alive.






Bully Tools products are available nationwide through major retailers and distributors. Your local retailer may already carry them. If not... ask them to carry American made tools by Bully.

Bully Tools is accepting new retailers. View our Resellers page for more information.



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