Tool Features

Fiberglass handles are made up of continuous roving filaments, or fibers bundles, drawn through liquid resin that saturates the glass.
The resin and glass combination is pulled through a die then heat-set into the high-strength form that we use for our handles. Pultruded handles provide us with benefits of high-strength, corrosion, heat and weather resistance. This cost-effective element enables us to provide our customers with quality at affordable prices.

Welded I-beam construction, as well as the extended and crimped ferrule, ensures no excessive bending

Triple wall construction; a wood core through the stress point and thicker fiberglass the entire length with special proprietary rovings, mats and veils.

Strong rivet secures the ferrule to the fiberglass handle

Forward step provides greater control

Strong rivet secures D-grip to fiberglass handle

Wide grip to accommodate work gloves

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