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Charity Affiliate Program

A new way help fund Catholic Schools

Bully Tools has a Charity Affiliate Program in which up to 15% of our gross sales can be donated to your school. We estimate a typical school of 300 students can receive $20,000 or more in a school year. Best of all, one volunteer can handle this program with as little as 20 hours of work over the course of a year.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

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Who are we?

Founded in 1994, Bully Tools has been proudly producing 100% Made in The USA products assembled by American workers. Our current line of products numbers over 130 items from leaf rakes to shingle removers servicing farmers, homeowners, contractors, and gardeners. If it has a long handle on it, we make it! You can find our products in thousands of stores from local hardware to big boxes. Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Do-It-Best, Ace, True Value, Gemplers, Zoro, Tractor Supply, Lowes and many more. Our products are not only assembled here in the USA but are completely manufactured here with 100% Made in the USA materials and labor at our own factories.

Why are we doing this?

Mark and Carol Gracy are the founders of Bully Tools and met each other in 1976 at Bishop Canevin Catholic HS in Pittsburgh. They started dating and have been inseparable ever since getting married in 1981. Combined, they attended Catholic schools for 26 years and each of their three children have benefited from a Catholic education. They feel they have had a blessed life both financially as well as spiritually and they owe it in large part because of the knowledge, work ethic, and values instilled and gain during their Catholic education.

The grade school Mark attended for eight years closed its doors in 2006 and Carol’s is fighting to keep its doors open. It seems like every month you hear of another school closing. The high cost of tuition is making Catholic education out of reach for many families. The Gracy’s want to try and help as much as they can.


Mark & Carol Gracy

How it works:

We know first-hand how much time and effort goes into constant fundraising. Be it a small bake sale or a large fish fry, you need volunteers to help and a lot of time to prepare. Now we can imagine what you are thinking, “We can’t get people to sell raffle tickets, there is no way they are going to sell shovels!” Well, no one is selling anything, nor collecting money or handling products. It’s a simple referral program.

Firstly, understand that Bully Tools sells tens of millions of dollars’ worth of products each year. Most of the sales are done online through sites like Amazon. Amazon makes a lot of money selling Bully Tools. We’d like to see your school receive those profits instead of Amazon.

Simply, we will provide your school with a unique affiliate code and plenty of flyer handouts. Starting in the fall, the handout can be given to people you know and simply say, “It’s fall clean up time, if you plan on buying rakes go to instead of a store or Amazon and buy a 100% American Made product. The product will be shipped the next day to your home for free and my school will get 15% of the sale as a donation! They have 130+ products!” In November it’s snow shovels! In the spring, talk to gardeners. Parents can do a Facebook post (we’ll be happy to provide guidance) that encourages buying made in the USA products and the use your School Affiliate Code to receive 15% of the gross! Local roofing contractors and landscapers buy lots of these items already and your school community is only directing them to buy with your School Affiliate Code at check-out on our website rather than using other online retailers.

Here is the big kicker – even if someone buys later in the year or reorders and uses the School Affiliate Code, the school continues to get the donation from us! The program can grow and grow if your school continues to participate!

Hoping you’ll consider helping to spread the word about this program and wishing you blessings for a wonderful school year.

Mark and Carol

Use school affiliate code at checkout, and give back to Catholic schools

Interested In Participating?

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