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Thick Steel Plate Tamper

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  • PLATE TAMPER – Ideal for easily leveling asphalt, stone, gravel, sand, and dirt such as when compacting soil around posts, prepping ground for pavers, compressing dirt to level for seeding, and smoothing digging critter mounds
  • MADE TO LAST – Plate measures 9.75″ x 9.75″ x 3/8″ made from 100% Made In The USA steel, up to 30% more durable against foreign competitors; protective and durable powdered coat finish helps prevent rust and extends tool life
  • EXTRA STRONG – The base is welded to the solid steel handle and the connection is reinforced by four metal fins welded and riveted in place, so that the handle’s rigidity provides evenly applied force while in use
  • SMART DESIGN – The 16 lb. weight is useful for compacting soil and other materials to reduce settlement and keep level
  • COMFORT GRIP – The all-steel handle has a rubber grip for maximum comfort, decreases hand fatigue through extended use, limits vibrations, and prevents blisters
  • 100% Made In The USA

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If you are a contractor or home improvement junkie, chances are you’ve used a tamper once or twice, but there is no tamper like the Bully Tools Thick Steel Tamper. Weighing in at 16 lbs., this tool is a beast. The base is nearly 10 inches by 10 inches and 3/8-inch thick of solid, American steel. Use it to pack, compress, and level materials like clay, dirt, sand, rock, asphalt, mulch, and gravel.

Thick Steel Plate Tamper close up


The base of the tamper is professionally hand-welded to the solid steel handle at our manufacturing plant. This connection is reinforced by four metal fins that are welded and riveted in place. This tool is completed with a rubber grip that provides maximum comfort, decreases hand fatigue, limits vibrations, and prevents blisters.

Thick Steel Plate Tamper on job site