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8″ Field Hoe with Fiberglass Handle

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  • 8” FIELD HOE – Ideal for cutting, weeding, and turning tough soil around your lawn and garden
  • MADE TO LAST – Constructed from 7-gauge 100% Made In The USA steel, up to 30% more durable against foreign competitors, and a protective and durable powdered coat finish prevents rusting and extends tool life
  • SMART DESIGN – Handle made from high quality fiberglass and coated in a polyester veil to prevent splintering and increase strength, with a hoe head measuring 8.25″ L x 8.5″ W and a total tool length of 42″
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT – Rubber grip to provide maximum comfort and to decrease hand fatigue through extended use
  • 100% Made In The USA

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If you’re getting ready to tear up your summer garden or have an area overrun by thick weeds, you need our 8” Field Hoe. Field hoes have thick blades that allow users to easily chop through soil, thick vines, and weeds.


Weighing in at 5 lbs., this tool is a bit hefty, but the blade’s weight ensures that the tool gains momentum while you swing it down through the air. Plus, the hoe head is constructed using 7-gauge steel which makes it thicker and more durable than other hoes on the market.


This tool is perfect for cutting, weeding, and moving soil around your lawn and garden. Chop in small sections and slowly shake the handle to toss the soil gently. It also makes removing dead plants and old roots an easy task.