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10-Gauge Excavator / Track Shovel

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  • THE TRACK BULLY – The ideal tool for prying out thick and hardened mud as well as other heavy debris from bulldozer tracks
  • TRIPLE WALL CONSTRUCTION – It is constructed from 10 gauge 100% Made In The USA steel (up to 30% more durable against foreign competitors) with an extra 20” of steel encasement around the handle, which is made from a high quality and coated fiberglass, and a 24″ reinforcing wood core to increase the shovel strength even more
  • DESIGNED TO PERFECTION – The steel teeth on the head of the track shovel make digging through solid mud and debris an ease, and the extra thick 10 gauge steel of the head makes this tool nearly indestructible throughout the toughest jobs; nearly two quarters thick compared to competitors that are only a penny thick!
  • Blade measures 16.25″ L x 5″ W with a total tool length of 48″ for the D-Grip version and 58″ for the Long Handle version
  • Closed back provides additional strength and prevents debris buildup
  • Protecting and durable powdered coat finish helps prevent rusting and extend tool life
  • 100% Made In The USA

The Track Bully - Track Cleaning Shovel

Track Shovels in pickup bed
Track Shovel Teeth

Designed To Perfection

The ultra-thick 10-gauge steel teeth on this track cleaning shovel are used to easily pierce and dig through tough and thick buildup of mud and debris that accumulates within the tracks of any bulldozer.

Triple layer handle

Triple Wall Construction

Tired of drain spade handles breaking? Our track shovel's construction uses 20" of steel tubing around the top grade coated fiberglass, and it's reinforced with an extra 24" of wood inside.

Track Shovel Back

Made To Last Through Any Job

This excavator / track shovel features a closed back design that helps prevent any excessive buildup of dirt on the tool. No delays to clean off your shovel while cleaning up the tracks!

Built For The Toughest Jobs

This excavator spade is made from high carbon, heat treated and tempered 10-gauge steel, compared to your typical drain spade using only 14-gauge steel. To visualize this, you would be comparing the competitors as the thickness of a penny, compared to ours: the approximate thickness of two whole quarters!

Track shovels laying down on tracks

Not Your Typical Drain Spade

This contractor grade shovel was invented with the help and guidance of real operators, needing to clear out bulldozer tracks and keep their equipment functioning to keep making their living. This has been proven on the field to be the best shovel for the job, and the Track Bully is guaranteed to outlast any drain spade.

Track shovels leaning