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Gardening Specials Starter Pack


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14-Gauge Floral Spade

Compact and light but strong, the Bully Tools Floral Spade is made for digging in tight spaces, whether in the garden or on the road.


Round Lawn Edger with Steel T-Style Handle

The Bully Tools 92251 Round Lawn Edger is the ideal tool to slice through tough soil around your lawn and garden, making the perfect line.


42" One-Piece Poly Scoop / Shovel with D-Grip Handle

Bully Tools Poly Scoop / Shovel is the perfect multipurpose lightweight tool for moving mulch, yard debris, feed, snow, and other materials.

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  • Features three of our top rated and best selling products that will help you start your spring projects off with a bang, sold immediately at a discount of 10%
  • FLORAL SPADE – Made for digging in tight spaces between plants and around your garden, and compact enough for on the road carry
  • ROUND LAWN EDGER – The perfect bladed edging tool to help you easily cut tough soil around your lawn or garden
  • ONE-PIECE POLY SCOOP / SHOVEL – A multipurpose year-round tool ideal for scooping mulch, yard debris, snow, feed, and other materials
  • 100% Made In The USA