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Don’t Let Winter Bully You! The Bully Tools Winter Buying Guide

Winter Buying Guide

There is snow denying it. Winter has only started, and there’s plenty of winter weather still to come. In the Northeast, we have already seen a record-breaking amount of snow in some areas, and the rest of January, all of February and March are still ahead of us. Be prepared for whatever these upcoming months have in store for you with the high-quality Snow and Ice Removal products from 100% Made in the USA Bully Tools.

Whether you’re expecting 6 inches of snow or 6 feet, we have the products for you.

Let’s face it – shoveling is not everyone’s favorite task, but it is a very important one. Even the thinnest layer of snow can become hazardous, and it’s not uncommon for snow to melt and refreeze overnight, leaving your driveway and sidewalks a sheet of ice. And if you’re willing to bear the cold and deal with your snowy and icy mess, it’s important that you have the right tools to ensure your work is done as quickly as possible.

For Plowing Driveways With Ease

We know what you’re thinking – why not just buy a snowblower? It’s more efficient and doesn’t take as long… right? Not quite. If you don’t have a large enough driveway, why waste money on a high-tech machine that you have to put gas in, maintain over the years, and store in the spring, summer, and fall.

27" Snow Pusher

For driveways and large patches of pavement or concrete, we recommend using a large snow pusher that remains lightweight, yet heavy duty enough to replace a gas-guzzling snowblower. Our 92813 27” Poly Snow Pusher is a lightweight pusher that packs a tremendous amount of punch, and made of top-grade copolymer polypropylene that is virtually indestructible in the cold. The Poly Snow Pusher serves as a hand-held snowplow but other than your own power requires no fuel, making it a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, lower in cost and maintenance, and all-around hassle-less alternative.

Steel Snow Pusher action

Do you need the next level of snow pushers to bully any level of snow or ice? Our 24” or 30” Steel Snow Pusher is made of 16-gauge steel, which is over 30% thicker than any competitors steel and is perfect for pushing heavy piles of snow, and acting as an ice scraper as you move along your driveway.

Both products have a coated fiberglass handle that is longer than that of a traditional snow pusher, designed to minimize strain on your back and make it all-around easier to maneuver your snow wherever you want it to go. Plus, our classic D-Grip is large enough to accommodate a winter or work glove so that you can get your work done without freezing your fingers off.

For Sidewalks, Steps, Small Driveways, And Those Hard-To-Reach Spots

While we recommend using a large pusher to clear your driveway, we have other scoops and shovels tackle your sidewalks, steps, small driveways, and getting into those hard-to-reach spots.

Nothing makes for a more perfect tool. Our 92814 22” Combination Snow Shovel / Pusher is made to withstand the cold and is ideal for pushing and scooping heavy piles of snow and ice from sidewalks. It has a much thicker edge than most snow scoops, which eliminates the need for a metal wear strip, and has a poly blade that won’t scratch a composite deck, sidewalk, or steps. At just over 3.5 lbs., this shovel is incredibly lightweight but still sturdy enough to last you many winters to come.

22" Combination Snow Shovel / Pusher in action 01

Another great compact scoop is our 42” One-Piece Poly Scoop / Shovel. It is the perfect size and light enough for anyone to use. The one-piece, nearly indestructible polypropylene design means no retightening bolts every few weeks on your cheap shovel, and it’s durable enough for any seasonal project that you may have after winter has concluded.

Poly Scoops Pose

For Chopping Ice

Ice Scraper pose

Ice is the biggest bully in winter. If you live in an area that receives high amounts of snowfall, you’re more than likely prepared for the impending flurries, but it’s extremely important to have the right tools for dealing with ice as well. Whether you call it an ice chopper or sidewalk scraper, there is no denying that everyone needs something to chip through that winter ice. Stubborn ice on your sidewalks and driveway can lead to slipping and falling and can be a pain to drive on. But – with our All Steel Ice/ Sidewalk Scraper, you can easily chop, dice, and cut your way through any amount of ice. The 6 in. scraper is made of 11-gauge 100% Made in the USA steel, and it’s all steel construction makes it more durable than our competitors. The long steel handle comes complete with either our ergonomic, no-slip D-Grip or a rubber grip for maximum comfort.

Need something a little wider? You can even try our Big Bully Flooring Scraper – yes, made originally for scraping tiles off of floors, it has a 12 in. scraping blade made of the same 11-gauge 100% Made in the USA steel. The long fiberglass handle allows users to easily chop through thick amounts of ice and features a rubber grip that decreases hand fatigue.


Snow / Grain Scoop with snow

Now, you may be wondering, what do I do with the big piles of snow and ice left off to the side after pushing it away? Fear not – we have the perfect scoop for you.

Our Snow / Mulch Scoop Shovel has a massive scoop capacity that is ideal for lifting and moving not only heavy piles of snow and ice, but it is also a great tool for transferring large amounts of mulch, grain, and other materials all year round. At just 3 lbs., this shovel is incredibly lightweight, so you can toss snow easily, and its strong, polypropylene construction will ensure that you have this shovel for many snowstorms and all other seasonal challenges to come.


Last but certainly not least, for those of you who salt your sidewalks and driveways, our Poly Hand Scoop will serve you well. Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz., this scoop is perfect for spreading salt or digging your car out of the snow. It can also be used year-round for scooping dog food, bird seed, and other small piles of material.

Check out the full product line of 100% Made in the USA Bully Tools Snow and Ice Removal products, and let’s get through this winter together!