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Loop Hoe with Long Fiberglass Handle

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  • Also known as a shuffle or stirrup hoe, it is ideal for cutting out tough weeds without displacing soil in your garden
  • Stirrup shaped design allows you to easily extract deep rooted weeds in tight spaces around your crops
  • Constructed from 12-gauge 100% Made In The USA steel, up to 30% more durable against foreign competitors
  • Hoe blade measures 4″ L x 6″ W with a total tool length of 58″
  • Handle made from high quality fiberglass and coated in a polyester veil to prevent splintering and increase strength
  • Rubber grip to provide maximum comfort and to decrease hand fatigue through extended use
  • Protecting and durable powdered coat finish helps prevent rusting and extend tool life
  • 100% Made In The USA
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Loop hoes have open, loop-shaped blades that are sharpened on all sides. They glide through soil smoothly and easily to cut the heads off of or dislodge deeply rooted weeds. This tool even works to shake loose weeds or unwanted growths from gravel, mulch beds, and around crops.

Use a loop hoe in a full-upright position, with the end of the handle pointing straight towards the sky. Push and pull the hoe to cut the green head about an inch or two below the ground. If you’re looking to dig the weed out by the root, rotate the hoe and use the corner to dig.

The long handle on this hoe allows users to stand while weeding, making the traditional on your hands and knees process a thing of the past. The angle of the head also makes this tool perfect for light cultivation and for loosening soil before planting.