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Floor Bully Flooring Scraper with Long Fiberglass Handle

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  • FLOOR BULLY FLOORING SCRAPER – 6-inch blade is ideal for removing carpet, wood flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl, and their adhesive; also useful for scraping paint off concrete, carpet tack strips, and ice from your driveway
  • MADE TO LAST – Constructed from 11-gauge 100% Made In The USA steel, up to 30% more durable against foreign competitors; protective and durable powdered coat finish helps prevent rust and extends tool life
  • SMART DESIGN – Angled blade gets under flooring materials to help pry them up; the handle is long enough to prevent back strain; blade measures 7″ L x 6″ W with a 10 degree bend; total tool length of 58″
  • STRONG HANDLE – Handle made from high-quality fiberglass and coated in a polyester veil to prevent splintering and increase strength
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT – Rubber grip decreases hand fatigue even during hours of renovation
  • 100% Made In The USA

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Floor Bully flooring scraper head


Our Floor Bully Flooring Scraper with Long Fiberglass Handle can be used anywhere around your house. Constructed from 11-gauge 100% Made in the USA steel, the Floor Bully Flooring Scraper can be used to remove carpet, glue, wooden flooring, ceramic tile, and other flooring materials.

Floor Bully flooring scraper blade


Not only can you use it to lift tiling and flooring, but you can use it to remove ice buildup on sidewalks and driveways. The long handle will save your back and keep you from having to scrape on your knees. Plus, it gives you the perfect amount of leverage to lift any flooring material and enough pressure to chop through ice.

Floor Bully flooring scraper back


Scraping is a necessary part of a floor preparation process, and not only is our scraper equipped to remove any stuck-on or residual debris on the ground, but the blade head with a 10-degree bend helps to pop up pieces of flooring. Simply slide the blade under a floorboard or tile, push down on the handle, and watch the pieces come up.